Lidia – Waking an Asian Teen For Some Morning Action

 I bravely stated in an earlier post that I prefer porn pictures over video. However, sometimes the personaliy of the girls, like this Asian teen, comes better through in videos. The later years we’ve had a serious boost in video quality and therefore I am ‘catching’ myself enjoying a good video more and more often. (Who doesn’t remember trying to enjoy themselves by interpreting heavily pixelated porn videos.)
Well, to the point, Lidia is an Asian teen from the notorious monger site Asian Sex Diary and I got very charmed (and horny) by her presence. In this 4 minute long clip you can get a peek into how we mongers enjoys a nice Asian teen pussy. She sure got me heated up! (sigh, I wish I could go back tomorrow…. :-p )

Paw – Cock loving Asian Spinner in Action

My intention with this blog was to celebrate the joy of Pinay fucking, to dream about what I’ve experienced and what I will do when I go back. But my business have been … well… really busy (d’ough) lately and this blog is suffering. I’ve already told you about Nikka and Jennifer and I have so much more to tell. This is no “I don’t have time” post, although it seems like one. I am in the process of writing and preparing stuff to publish from my own endeavours, hunting down Filipina cunts to enter sex heaven. Stuff is coming, soon 🙂

Anyway, I read my post about Jennifer and immediately had to go to my favorite porn site to do something about it ;-). This is the girl that made my day today and I’d like to share her with you.
Paw, she’s hot. There’s plenty more of her at Asian Sex Diary!


Mena Li – Hot Tattooed Asian Babe Loving Sex

Ok, I am sorry I’m not updating to much. Working hard and overtimes to get the money for new trips to the Philippines, actually dreaming about moving there. Ah, this boring chit-chat, I just wanted to show you a hot clip I’ve got access to. I have more tales about Filipino girls like Nikka and Jennifer later, I promise, just hang in there :-p  (I have more pics as well) Anyhow. Mena-Li … Continue reading