Claire – A beautiful Filipina internet date

It takes time to write down my own Filipina sex-adventures so in the meantime I’ll give you another hot collection of pictures from my favorite porn site number 1. In addition to be an overflowing cup of Asian Porn, this site is also full of real valuable mongering tips.

Claire, who you will have the pleasure of meeting in these pictures, was not picked up from a bar. My monger-hero John Tron met her online and fixed himself a Filipina internet date. Which ended good, as you can see!
Enjoy the hottie, Claire!



MayMay – A Filipina Girl from your dreams

It’s been a busy summer her in Scandinavia, so I haven’t had the change to update this Filipina Sex Scandal blog. But I found this beauty over at my favorite Asian Pornsite and wanted to share her with you.
MayMay has it all; Perky Filipina tits, cute smile and shaved pussy. Well, to me the last one ain’t that important. It’s not how a Filipina pussy looks that matters, it’s how it feels when it squeezes my cock 🙂

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