Jennifer – A hot Filipina sex memory

Tropix a Filipina Sex Scandal club on Real StreetFields Avenue in Angeles City is for many mongers the holy grail of places in Philippines. It’s heaven when it comes to barhopping. Trouble is that this street have become overcrowded with tourists nowadays. I eventually did start to explore surrounding areas.
One evening I took a stroll down Raymond Street and to the left into Real Street. Real Street in Angeles City is a neighbor-street to Fields Avenue. It was a damp evening, it had rained all day and the heat was almost killing me. I actually wondered if I would be able to fuck, but then I remembered I had air condition on my room. Then I noticed this ugly sign above a door saying Tropix. Some girls stood outside chatting with eachother and I got curious and went inn. It wasn’t exactly crowded and the girls looked a bit bored on stage. They probably thought the night would be a lousy one, income wise. Thirsty I sat down and ordered a beer. This beautiful girl came over with it and smiled to me.

my filipina sex scandal fuck jenniferI didn’t see any reason to extend the hunt for “the perfect pinay pussy” and asked if she would like to join me for a drink. She smiled her lovely smile and said yes. Aaah, cute voice as well. There’s a unwritten rule that there’s no point in ordering more than one ladys drink (they’re expensive) but I enjoyed her company, so I bought her a second one after a while. She told me the usual story, she had traveled from the province to seek fortune and glory. Her laughter was present all the time, this girl knew how to smile. Three days earlier (or so) I’ve had my first succesful Filipina encounter with Nikka. Being shy and all I had considered to try to call her up, In my world it’s safer to fuck someone already fucked, but Jennifer somehow made me relaxed with her presence.
Finally I dared ask the question she probably gets everyday, did she like boom-boom?
– I love boom boom, she giggled and soon we were on our way back to the hotel.
Finally I had her to myself. The batteries in my camera was drained out so I had only my cellphone to do some snapshots. She had obviously posed before ;-).
Hot Pinay stunner JenniferHer cute perky filipina tits gave me a boner beyond what I usually have half-drunk, still giggling she threw her brah right in my face and asked “do u like what u see?”. I couldn’t deny, this girls was ready for action and some good Asian sex was drifting in my direction.
She pulled down my trousers and started to suck my cock with her cute Pinay smile. Not to bad oral skills on this asian chick and I closed my eyes and concentrated on not exploding. It lasted a minute before I with a laugh demanded her to lay backwards on the bed. I studied her Filipina skin inbound and made sure to play a long time with her cute tiny Asian tits. A Filipina spinner in my bed moaning, this was (and is) heaven! I entered her tight and surprisingly wet pinay cunt and started to do the movements we all love to do so well. I knew I couldn’t keep on for to long and turned her over so I could see my meat pound into her from behind.
It was in this moment I managed to shoot my first selfshot porn pic. Not to eager about showing my mediocre prick online but her Filipina butt is worth to see, so here you are!

Filipina fuck Jennifer

My first selfshot Filipina porn pic

Having seen to much porn in my life I’ve always dreamed about pulling out and spray down an Asian body with the cum, but I couldn’t withdraw from this lovely tight and willingly cunt, so I eventually exploded inside her, giving Jennifer a good creampie.
I continued to dream about calling Nikka for a second encounter but when Jennifer gave me her number early next morning (after a second round in the hay) I knew I’d probably call Jennifer over Nikka 🙂


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