Nikka – My first succesful Filipina Sex Scandal

Nikka A personal Filipina Sex Scandal Encounter

My first Filipina Sex Scandal trip to Angeles City was in april 2010. I had only two weeks of vacation to spend and I was a bit overconfident about how much I would be able to do in such short time. For instance; the first night I eagerly went to a bar who’s name I’ve forgotten. I had tried to learn the lingo and the tricks from various monger-sites and didn’t have much problem in scoring a bargirl either.
But, after all those hours on planes and in transit, getting visas approved and all that shit, I was so exhausted I couldn’t get a hard on no matter how much I wanted to fuck. My self esteem had a mild blow that night. Not exactly a Filipina Sex Scandal…. (or maybe exactly that!)

The next day I didn’t do much beside relaxing and trying to fight of the jet lag. Had a few beers and took a walk on Field Avenue. The street ain’t that exciting at daytime and none of the girls (and ladyboys) already present in the street tempted me towards any sexual encounters.I also reminded myself on what I had been told on monger-boards. The girls in the street might not be of legal age and that could bring you into really deep shit no matter how innocent you are. As a newbie in AC I had decided to play it safe with girls I would find from barhopping only.

The third night I went to a new bar. I don’t remember the name of this bar either, but it was situated on one of the streets going down from Fields Avenue. What I do remember though is the name of the girl I scored this night. Nikka. Not the most beautiful girl I’ve seen but she was full of life and seemed to be genuinly interested in some boom-boom. After the obligatory Lady drink and some giggly chitchat we went to my hotelroom. She just smiled and nodded when I asked if I could take some pictures of her. Now, remember this; I hadn’t done nude photos before and was both horny and nervous. Most pictures ended up being crap. Luckily some of them became ok. Two of them are being presented her.

I was so horny it felt I could explode anytime. No sex (in any form) for nearly a week and now this, a bargirl in the sexual heaven of Angeles City ready to be nailed. I had lived this moment in my dreams for years and now it was real. It didn’t took long before I couldn’t hold back any longer. I do not know why I pulled out and shot the load on her face. Some old porn dream suddenly being within reach I guess. She wasn’t exactly happy about that, which for some reason made it even more exciting to me.
After I had apologized she agreed to spend the night with me and the first thing we did next morning was another fuck. That one lasted longer. Filling up her pussy with sperm was way better than what my porn-attempt the night before had been, although I do not regret my first Filipina facial. I like to do that now and then!
My self-esteem was returning and my love for the Filipina Sex Scandal capitol, Angeles City, had really started to grow.

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My Personal Filipina Sex Scandal Encounter

I still remember me emptying my bollocks over her face with joy!


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