Miray – Naked Filipino Pussy For Dirty Business

very beautiful Filipina Spinner MirayMy Filipina addiction is indisputable and I will probably dream about hunting down filipino pussies for the rest of my life. They sure makes you feel better and more appreciated than any western girls I’ve been hooked up with (and even married to) so far. So this blog is about my addiction to the beautiful Filipina women and their raw sexual appetite. I like to share what I find to be the best of Filipinas on the net. But this blog also aims to share what I myself have learned and experienced on the Philippines myself. Well, Miray is one of the hottest Filipina babes I’ve seen online lately. The word babe is adequate in this case, she sure looks hot! I found her over at Trike Patrol. You might have heard about the site,  started by some notorious mongers around 2005.
At first I didn’t like the site much, the quality of the movies (and in particular the pictures) were lousy. The dudes making the porn also seems to be a bit rude towards the Filipino pussies they encountered.
A couple of  years later these guys had to throw in the towel and more serious owners took over.
Quality has raised a lot and Miray is a perfect example over the standard the Filipino pussies exposed have at Trike.very beautiful Filipina Spinner Miray 02Fuck, I’m ramblin on about the site while I in reality wanted to write about Miray.
She’s stunning hot in the video and that’s something from me who is quite old fashioned and preferring pictures.
Miray is more than what I’ve been referring to as Filipino pussy. She’s a gorgeous looking Filipina babe with a body to die for, her boobs for instance are what I consider to be perfect sized on an Asian girl. Her smile is mysterious and the spark in her eyes just screams for some sex action.
that’s why I’m giving you a small gallery with pics of Miray.
Enjoy the Gallery!


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