Nikka – My first succesful Filipina Sex Scandal

Nikka A personal Filipina Sex Scandal Encounter

My first Filipina Sex Scandal trip to Angeles City was in april 2010. I had only two weeks of vacation to spend and I was a bit overconfident about how much I would be able to do in such short time. For instance; the first night I eagerly went to a bar who’s name I’ve forgotten. I had tried to learn the lingo and the tricks from various monger-sites and didn’t have much problem in scoring a bargirl either.
But, after all those hours on planes and in transit, getting visas approved and all that shit, I was so exhausted I couldn’t get a hard on no matter how much I wanted to fuck. My self esteem had a mild blow that night. Not exactly a Filipina Sex Scandal…. (or maybe exactly that!)

The next day I didn’t do much beside relaxing and trying to fight of the jet lag. Had a few beers and took a walk on Field Avenue. The street ain’t that exciting at daytime and none of the girls (and ladyboys) already present in the street tempted me towards any sexual encounters. Continue reading

Amor – Love in the Haysack

My intention on updating this blog with Filipina sex Scandal tidbits and goodies have failed so far due to real life issues. I do however have time to browse the net for naked Filipina babes now and  then. Here is a hot piece from my second favorite Filipina porn site Trike Patrol.
The name of the beauty is Amor and she is hot as hell in this clip where she is banged by another fan of the site. Yup, that’s right. amongst the hundreds of sizzling hot Filipina HD Porn clips you’ll find real user-submitted amateur porn. To me that’s the real porn, unscripted and undirected.

MayMay – A Filipina Girl from your dreams

It’s been a busy summer her in Scandinavia, so I haven’t had the change to update this Filipina Sex Scandal blog. But I found this beauty over at my favorite Asian Pornsite and wanted to share her with you.
MayMay has it all; Perky Filipina tits, cute smile and shaved pussy. Well, to me the last one ain’t that important. It’s not how a Filipina pussy looks that matters, it’s how it feels when it squeezes my cock 🙂

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Mildred found at Eager Beavers Club

Filipina Sex Scandal Beauty Mildred

Filipina Sex Scandal is a blog about fucking Pinay twats and having fun in Angeles City. The joy of licking a nice and wet Filipina pussy has become an addiction. Since I can’t stay in this glorious place all the time I am sitting her in the cold north dreaming about what’s available over there.
Mildred is a great Filipina Sex Scandal canditate. I haven’t met her myself, she’s a girl I have enjoyed at the AsianSexDiary site. The reason I mention her here is that I read over at a monger-forum that she used to work at Eager Beavers club.
That’s fun, because I’ve been in this club more than once.
It’s situated on Raymond Street, almost on the corner of Field Avenue itself. It’s one of the better places in my opinion. It’s fun to be in a Filipino club that pretends to be something Las Vegas’ish. But when it comes down to business, it’s all about Filipina bargirls. Just take a look at Mildred and you’ll get a glimpse of what you’ll meet at this bar.

Eager Beavers Club Philippines Filipina Sex Scandal

Eager Beavers club, rumors says Mildred worked there

Another reason I choose to show you Mildred is because she has some of the greatest pair of Filipina tits I’ve ever seen. My goal is to find such a pair myself next time I go over.
(Or even better, have a go at Mildred herself!) Lately when my longing for Angeles City has grown big I have watched the Mildred movie over at Asian Sex Diary, so you can for sure she’s a favorite.

Later I’ll show you some pics of girls I have taken myself. Snapshoothing the girls you pickup is a great hobby and I myself just loves to make my own porn when I’m over there. That doesn’t stop me from having memberships at the best Filipina porn sites out there. There are a few 😉

Filipina Sex Scandal Beauty Mildred shows perfect Filipina ass loves Mildreds ass!


Cristina Filipina Sex Scandal Video Clip!

I recently added a post about Cristina, a Filipina Sex Scandal bar slut ready to give any monger what they want. She got a great ass and some gorgeous Filipina perky tits, but she ain’t a 10, it shows she’s getting a bit older.
However, to show you she is worth a fuck anyway, I’ll give you this short clip of her fucking skills.
You’ll find more of her (and hundreds of other Filipina girls) over at Trike Patrol. It sure is worth checking out.


Filipina Bar Slut Cristina – Horny Asian Cunt

Filipina Sex Scandal Beauty Cristina

Cristina is a horny bar slut from a bar on Fields Avenue in Angeles City. You know, the main street that makes the Filipina sex scandal experiences complete. But she wasn’t picked up from that bar. You can easily find those girls at daytime as well and then avoid the barfine. Every penny saved can be used to fuck more girls, that’s how it goes.

Anyway, our monger taking these pics went to the local mall. Like girls elsewhere in the world, Filipina girls love to shop. Where do you think most of their hard earned fuck money are spent? Filipinas are crazy for shopping. That’s why a mall is an excellent place to pick up some Filipina pussy.

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