MayMay – A Filipina Girl from your dreams

It’s been a busy summer her in Scandinavia, so I haven’t had the change to update this Filipina Sex Scandal blog. But I found this beauty over at my favorite Asian Pornsite and wanted to share her with you.
MayMay has it all; Perky Filipina tits, cute smile and shaved pussy. Well, to me the last one ain’t that important. It’s not how a Filipina pussy looks that matters, it’s how it feels when it squeezes my cock 🙂

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Filipina Sex Scandal First post

 I love what they call Filipina Sex Scandal. It’s another way of saying Filipina Porn. You know, gorgeous Pinay girls from the Philippines getting naked and fucking in front of a camera.
I am so addicted to this I’ve decided to start this blog. Which is all about the best Filipina Sex Scandal material you can find on the Internet. Man I love those Little brown fucking Machines.Filipina Sex Scandal Anne Loves Huge White Cocks