Paw – Cock loving Asian Spinner in Action

My intention with this blog was to celebrate the joy of Pinay fucking, to dream about what I’ve experienced and what I will do when I go back. But my business have been … well… really busy (d’ough) lately and this blog is suffering. I’ve already told you about Nikka and Jennifer and I have so much more to tell. This is no “I don’t have time” post, although it seems like one. I am in the process of writing and preparing stuff to publish from my own endeavours, hunting down Filipina cunts to enter sex heaven. Stuff is coming, soon 🙂

Anyway, I read my post about Jennifer and immediately had to go to my favorite porn site to do something about it ;-). This is the girl that made my day today and I’d like to share her with you.
Paw, she’s hot. There’s plenty more of her at Asian Sex Diary!